127G, MULTIBOR PEDICURE BIT, 3/32" (2,35mm) 80 Grit, 15.000 rpm, ∅ 13mm. Professional High Quality

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"Standard-Intensive" bit for a fast removing of the keratinized skin on " regular treated surfaces"
Primary heels treatment

Possible use: Rough skin intensive abrading

Professional quality bits made out of high quality medical grade stainless steel and composite abrasive head.
Patented technology reduces procedure time by 30 - 50%

  • Total length of bit is 50 - 53 mm and shank diameter is 2.35 mm (3/32)
  • Recommended speed is from 15 000 rpm
  • Roughness is marked by a color head (green - Medium)

You can make instruments aseptic and sterilize instruments in special liquids for effective high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. ( E.g. : Surfanios lemon fresh and Aniosept activ, ANIOS or CIDEX, ASP )

Attention, do not use in conjunction with callus remover

Safety glasses required



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80 грит
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